Funhab Is A Whole New Approach To The Rehab Game

Funhab Is A Whole New Approach To The Rehab Game

Rehab exercises at Sport and Spine Rehab are tailored to our patient’s individual needs. Funhab  is a unique and effective approach to managing a patient’s pain relief while simultaneously building strength and optimizing the way your body moves.

What is Funhab ?

Funhab is a combination of the two words functional and rehab. ‘Function’ refers to how well your body coordinates your muscles and joints to efficiently perform movements; ‘rehab’ refers to exercises designed to improve your body’s health. SSR doctors are trained to analyze how your body functions by watching you perform various movements. After analyzing the movements, they will be able to show you how to perform rehab exercises designed specifically for treatment of your condition.

How Does It Work?

Your Funhab program will be structured like a pyramid where you start at the bottom then rise to the top through a series of progressive exercises prescribed by your SSR doctor. Each level builds off of the skills learned from the previous level. As your body is able to do more and more, you will climb up the pyramid. Following this order builds a stable foundation for proper and healthy movement. During your appointments, you will be guided through the levels and exercises with one of our specially trained rehab specialists. This will ensure that you are performing the exercise correctly and efficiently.

Why Do We Do Funhab?

Rehab exercises are an important part of recovery from injury. When your body gets injured, it moves differently and your muscles may lose some of their natural coordination of movement. For this reason, we need to look beyond just the area that is painful. Building joint and muscle function in surrounding areas of the body will support the injured area. For example, some patients experience low back pain because their core is not functioning properly. Working on correcting the function of the core will place less stress on the low back thereby decreasing the pain experienced in the area.

Funhab is SSR’s tailored way of addressing all important components of the body while building function in a logical order. Progressing through the pyramid, your rehab program will be tailored to your needs, depending on what level you are trying to achieve, and the sport/activity you wish to return to. We are constantly adapting, editing, and improving the Funhab experience based on the latest scientific research.

Written By:

Chantal Ali, DC
Coverage Doctor
Sport and Spine Rehab