Foot Injuries

Foot Injuries

Did you know that your foot type can lead to varies injuries throughout the body?

Potential injuries that can occur:
Plantar fasciitis
Ankle sprains
Shin splints
Stress fractures
Bursitis and/or neuritis of the forefoot
Ligament laxity of the ankle
Knee pain/injuries
Hip Pain
Back Pain
And the list goes on?

First, let?s identify what type of foot you have!
From Left to Right: Pronated -> Neutral -> Supinated


Are you Pronator?
A pronated foot is commonly referred to as a flat foot. A flat foot tends to roll inward and cause undue stress to various parts of the foot.

Are you Neutral?
A neutral foot tends to function well and distributes impact evenly throughout the gait cycle (walking).

Are you a Supinator?
A supinated foot is commonly referred to as a high arch and most of the weight distribution during gait rolls to the outside of the foot. This type of foot tends to be very rigid and does not move extremely well. The rigidness of the foot allows for high impact to be distributed throughout the body due to decreased shock absorption by the foot.

What Can You Do to Help Your Feet?
-Get properly fitted for a shoe that is right for you either at a reputable running shoe store, or your local chiropractor or physical therapist that assesses gait. You may even need customized orthotics.

-Have a postural assessment to see if there is an association with excessive pronation or supination that could be contributing to other ailments.

-Perform strengthening, stretching and stability exercise.

-You may need your foot adjusted or mobilized to help increase proper movement which can be performed by your local chiropractor or physical therapist.

On a Final Note
As a fellow doctor once told me: Think of your foot as the spring of a pogo stick. If your foot moves well (neutral foot), it will absorb the shock. If your foot doesn?t move well (pronator), it is like having no spring on the pogo stick and therefore absorbs no shock which would cause higher impact to be distributed throughout the various joints of the body.

So make sure your natural shock absorbers are functioning well to decrease undue stress to your feet and other parts of the body.

Stay Healthy and Keep Your Feet Happy!

Kelly Noonan, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic and Board Certified in Physiotherapy
Sport and Spine Rehab of Fort Washington
[email protected]

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