Facts About Car Accidents and Whiplash

Facts About Car Accidents and Whiplash


Chronic symptoms from whiplash and late whiplash are much more prevalent than previously thought.

The National Institute of Health performed a case-control study on the relationship between acute whiplash and chronic neck pain.? They found that the most frequently named cause of chronic pain among the cases was an acute motor vehicle accident (MVA) injury.

Beginning rehabilitation therapy promptly after the accident is critical to recovery.

The Mayo Clinic points out that after a car accident, physical abuse, or a sports injury, you may receive immediate care from a paramedic or at the emergency room.? However, symptoms of whiplash may not present for several days which is why it is important to see an experienced healthcare professional who has experience testing for and diagnosing whiplash.? Much of the current scientific literature supports an early intervention by a doctor of chiropractic.

?A combination of treatment modalities is the very best approach for treating whiplash.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has found that a combination of treatment modalities is the very best way for patients to get benefits in pain reduction and the number of days required to recover.

A successful treatment plan includes spinal manipulation/adjustments, rehabilitative exercises, massage therapy, laser therapy, and electric stimulation.?Click on each to learn more about how the services that we provide can help:

Spinal Manipulation

Rehabilitative Exercise

Massage Therapy

Laser Therapy

Electric Stimulation

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