Drug-Free Pain Management

Drug-Free Pain Management

Drug-Free Pain Management

A CDC study showed that 50 million Americans (about 20%) have chronic pain. They defined chronic pain as pain on most or all days in the previous six months. When you add in all the Americans who suffer from injuries contributing to acute pain or those who experience regular pain that isn’t categorized as chronic, that’s a lot of people suffering from pain. Many turn to prescription opioids as a way to help them through the pain! However, there are many methods out there that can lead you to drug-free pain management without the need for potentially harmful prescription drugs.

The Dangers of Prescription Opioids

Over 11 million people misused prescription opioids in just 2017 alone, and opioids were involved in 47,600 overdose deaths in 2017. So, of the 50 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, we could deduce that over 1 out of 5 are likely going to misuse them. There are many safer alternatives for pain management to consider before turning to prescription opioids.

Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

Chiropractic care offers a wide variety of treatment methods designed to find the root of the problem, not just mask it. At Kaizo Health, we use evidence-based practices to get you out of pain and help you live pain-free lives! Dry needling, scraping, cupping, joint manipulation, and pin and stretch are just some of the methods we use.

Pain Management Tools

There are additional, drug-free tools you can use on your own or paired with chiropractic care to keep you out of pain:

  • Biofreeze – Applied externally to provide cold therapy pain relief. Works for pain relief everywhere. You can use it on sore quads, a stiff back, painful knees, and more.
  • TheraBand Foam Rollers – These can be used before or after rehab exercises or physical activity. Foam rollers work wonders for self-releasing tight muscles, therefore relieving tension on connective tissues and joints.

Look at all your options before making a pain management decision that could have adverse effects on your health! Weigh the options, speak to professionals, and choose the best, safest care for you.