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ACL and MCL Tears: What’s the Difference?

By Kaizo Health

Knee injuries are some of the most common types of injuries, especially in athletes. Two of the most well-known and dreaded types of injuries are ACL and MCL tears. You’ve probably heard of these two types but might be wondering, what’s the difference?  

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Best Stretches for Runners

By Kaizo Health

Running is a great form of cardiovascular exercises and one of our favorite ways to get the blood moving and endorphins pumping. We recommend muscle activating and dynamic stretches to prevent injury and enhance recovery.  

woman who is making one of the 5 common mistakes while exercising that harm her back

5 Common Mistakes that are Harming Your Back

By Kaizo Health

We all know exercising is great for you! However, there are a few common mistakes you can make while working out that will leave you feeling worse off than when you started. If you’re experiencing back pain every time you work out, you might be making one of these common mistakes. Here are the top 5 common mistakes people make while exercising that are harming their back!