things not to do when setting news year resolutions

What NOT To Do When Setting Goals for The New Year

By Kaizo Health

It’s officially 2023 which means it’s time to set goals and intentions for the new year. We’ve all heard the usual goals: lose weight, sleep more, eat healthier. But this week we thought we would breakdown our best tips for what NOT to do when setting your goals for the new year to empower you to live healthier and happier in 2023!


By Kaizo Health

Whether you were injured in an auto accident, sports or work-related injury, are pre- or postpartum, or suffer from soreness from everyday tasks, chiropractic care works to naturally and holistically treat your pain. And even though chiropractic care and its various treatment options can be successful on their own, we still think it’s important to highlight how different supplementary treatments, such as cryotherapy, can also aid in the healing process.