picture of woman holding knee after tearing acl

Can a Chiropractor Help with ACL injury?

By Kaizo Health

One of the most common knee injuries among athletes is an ACL tear. An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury occurs when the tissue that connects the thighbone to the shinbone at the knee is torn or ruptured. A chiropractor can help with ACL injury prevention and recovery.  

How Long Do Muscle Spasms Last after a Car Accident?

By Kaizo Health

The aftermath of a car accident brings many problems, even if the accident wasn’t severe. You start to worry about the car, the passengers—if there are any—insurance, and if adrenaline still runs through your body, you may not feel muscle spasms caused by severe contractions or abnormal pressure.


Relief From Headaches

By Kaizo Health

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, there are approximately 45 million Americans complaining of headaches each year. That works out to about one in every six …