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picture of woman getting chiropractic neck adjustment with title "5 surprising benefits of chiropractor care" on top with kaizo health logo

5 Surprising Benefits of Chiropractic Care

By Kaizo Health

Chiropractic care is a natural and holistic form of care. It helps reduce pain, inflammation, and stress. It also ensures that the body is functioning at its optimal level. This can help improve sleep, strength, and overall health. Here are 5 surprising benefits of chiropractic care that you didn’t know!

woman who is making one of the 5 common mistakes while exercising that harm her back

5 Common Mistakes that are Harming Your Back

By Kaizo Health

We all know exercising is great for you! However, there are a few common mistakes you can make while working out that will leave you feeling worse off than when you started. If you’re experiencing back pain every time you work out, you might be making one of these common mistakes. Here are the top 5 common mistakes people make while exercising that are harming their back!

tips for not hurting your lower back while raking leaves in fairfax, va

How To Avoid Lower Back Pain From Raking Leaves

By Kaizo Health

We love the fall season. It brings cooler weather, yummy food, football and lots and lots of LEAVES! As pretty as the leaves are when they change colors, they can also leave a mess in the yard. One of the top reasons chiropractors see patients this time of year is back and neck injuries from raking leaves. Here are our top doctor-recommend tips for how to avoid lower back pain from raking leaves!