Beat the Heat with Cool, Hydrating Foods :: Tips from Elite Nutrition

Beat the Heat with Cool, Hydrating Foods :: Tips from Elite Nutrition

This week?s blog come to us from Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, ACSM HFS, a colleague of Sport & Spine Rehab and a Washington, D.C. based dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and weight management. An athlete herself, Rebecca has helped hundreds of athletes and active adults reach their full wellness potential and recover from injuries through quality nutrition and realistic eating habits.

Beat the Heat with Cool, Hydrating Foods

Dehydration is the number one risk of injury when exercising outdoors in the summertime.? With the weather topping 100 degrees most days of the week and mornings starting out at 80, you need simple ways of avoiding dehydration and heat-related injury.

  1. Eat your water! Fruits and vegetables are over 90% water. Make sure to include about 1/3 to ? of your plate veggies and fruits at each meal. Include carbohydrate rich whole grains and lean proteins on the plate as well. Eating every three to four hours helps increase your fluid intake for the day. Not only do you get water in the fruits and veggies, but you will drink water with the meal and between meals due to natural thirst and need for fluids with food intake.
  2. Drink while you sweat! Always carry water or sports drink to any outdoor training. You should drink 2-4 ounces of fluids every 15 to 20 minutes of outdoor activity. Sports drinks are recommended if you will be out 60 minutes or longer, but it doesn?t hurt to use them for shorter workouts in the heat. The sodium will help with fluid balance and prevent muscle cramping.
  3. Replace your electrolytes! You need sodium and potassium after a workout in the heat in addition to water and carbohydrate rich foods. You can get them all in a simple snack of banana (potassium and carbs), crackers (sodium and carbs), and peanut butter (protein, sodium). This snack will make you thirsty and you will drink fluids to replace what you lost.

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