There are many theories as to why people should go to the chiropractor.? What most people don?t realize is that the role of the sports chiropractor is to facilitate athletes? performance by early diagnosis and prompt treatment of an injury.

If there is aberrant motion of a joint, this nerve compression decreases the neurological reflex of the muscle, restoring motion to the joint through an adjustment will Increase nerve potential and excitability (response time).? The restoration of nerve potential and consequential increase in muscle reaction time will allow better reflexive firing patterns during a sporting event.? In this event, having the muscle react at a much higher speed will potentially decrease fatigue, which could alter the propensity for an injury to occur.? The effectiveness of reducing pathomechanical faults will eventually cause a reduction in pain, severity of the injury and leads to overall improvement in the athlete.

How Chiropractic can improve Athletic Performance

This demonstration shows that quicker reaction time or the speed of the afferent (input) signal determining the efferent (output) response will alter the patient or athletes ability to react against counter pressure being applied.? If this concept is then applied to a sporting event; muscular reaction time will potentially increase the firing power of a muscle in regards to increased strength, and excitability will potentially increase speed.? If nerve irritation ceases to exist than the muscle is less likely to become fatigued therefore decreasing chance of injury.

The chiropractic/neuromechanical model originally created by Lephart, Henry, Fu and Downes; can further explain how faulty neuromuscular control or instability can lead to eventual structural instability.

Dr. Shoshana Sevel, DC, MS, CSTP, CCEP
Dr. Sevel is an Associate Doctor of Chiropractic at Sport and Spine Rehab of Fairfax

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