“Dr. Tersigni and his team are fantastic, I’m so happy I found them! I’ve had constant upper back problems for years and my “military neck” condition (straightening of the natural curve in my neck) has been a challenge in my fairly sedentary office job. Dr. Tersigni diagnosed me with “cervical-thoracic segmental dysfunction” and he and his team tailored an exercise program for me. I have definitely noticed an improvement, despite my general lack of consistency doing the exercises at home (what can I say, I’m just not a very disciplined person). Whereas at one point before beginning treatment back in August 2012 I used to have pain so severe that I sometimes wanted to cry, I now can’t even remember what it’s like to feel that level of pain anymore. The team at Sport & Spine was also very attentive to further tailor my exercise plan once I found out I was pregnant about halfway through my treatment and suggested additional exercises for my sacroiliac joint pain I later developed with the pregnancy. I like that Sport & Spine combines chiropractic approaches with physical therapy, it’s definitely worked for me! Plus, everyone on the staff–from Wendy, who always greets you with a smile, to Jordan, Maria, Chino, Hayford, and Dr. Tersigni– is wonderful to work with! I definitely recommend this place to those who have had the misfortune of suffering from constant back pain!” – Ariana

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