ACA DrJay to Vital Health Care Reform Panel

ACA DrJay to Vital Health Care Reform Panel

ACA Member Named to Vital Health Care Reform Panel
The Maryland Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform recently selected ACA member Jay Greenstein, DC, to serve on Maryland’s Essential Health Benefits Advisory Committee. The committee will be in charge of developing Maryland’s essential health benefits benchmark, and serve as a reference for the scope of services in plans offered within the state regulated exchange marketplace. When notifying Dr. Greenstein of his appointment, the Governor’s office reaffirmed that his expertise will be valued by the committee. ACA urges DCs in all states to become involved with local health care reform efforts so that the services of doctors of chiropractic are not excluded from benchmark plans. Follow health care reform at

Nice goin? Dr. Jay, you make us all proud.

David B. Dolberg, DC

Treasurer, UVCA

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