A Happier, Healthier Me: Week Two

A Happier, Healthier Me: Week Two

The older I get, the more I hate the cold weather. Typically around here, our winters are not exceptionally cold, though this past week was the exception.

I explained last time that I normally start running again after the New Year so running in the winter is not new to me, but since I hate to be cold I usually overcompensate. If you are a frequent runner on the W &OD trail in the Reston, Herndon, Sterling area, I am the guy that looks like he is running in a space suit. I typically wear so many layers I run like my knees are fused.

But I don?t care, as long as I don?t get cold I am happy.

Okay so this is week two.

The good news is I logged about 12 miles this past week running. I know that is not a lot, but I have learned over the years to start slowly or I generally suffer some knee pain or other injury that shuts me down early.

The bad news is I haven?t lost any weight.

And though I am trying I haven?t quite entered the ?eating healthy? phase yet either.

On Sunday my wife and I went out to lunch. She ordered fish tacos and made that oh sure listen to you face when I ordered a cup of ?lite? soup and a chopped Greek salad.

And then it happened??..I couldn?t take my eyes off of her as she entered the room; aren?t they beautiful I thought, as she got closer and then delivered to the table across from me, this huge, wonderful plate of FRENCH FRIES!

My eyes got big??French fries filled my thoughts??..so I asked the waitress,

?Ah, excuse me miss, does my wife?s fish tacos come with FRENCH FRIES by any chance??

?No,? she said, ?rice.?

?RICE?? I said sadly.

And then, with my conscience screaming Brian Wright?s mantra in my head,

?Stay strong, in All Contexts of the word???

It happened??..

I blurted out, ?excuse me miss, can I have an order of FRENCH FRIES?????.please??

There I did it??what a wimp??..just when I had the whole ?lite?, Greek salad thing going!

Guilt overwhelmed me when my FRENCH FRIES were delivered to the table.

My wife, now feeling particularly righteous says,

?Well you don?t have to eat them you know???

I stared at her thinking about what she just said??..yeah right, I thought????..you probably just want to eat them yourself???.so I said to the waitress?..

?Ah excuse me miss, do you have any ketchup??

I guess I will live to eat better another day.

So that?s my testimony for this week.

Hey and as far as running in the cold weather, here is a link to some good tips:


And if you don?t know, Brian Wright MS, CSCS, RKC II, NSCA-CPT is our Director of Fitness for Sport and Spine Athletics and can be contacted at 703.582.6087 if you have any questions.

Please drop me an email if you have anything you would like to share. I hope you have a happy, healthy week!

Curt Christiansen
Chief Operating Officer
Sport and Spine Rehab
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