A Happier, Healthier Me: Week Three

A Happier, Healthier Me: Week Three

Saturday I got up and took a shower, threw some jeans on and went back in the bathroom to brush my teeth. Looking in the mirror, still no shirt on, I thought to myself???man!…….. lookin? good brotha!…as I continued to brush my teeth, flexing a little on the molars.

Just then my wife came in the bedroom with some coffee.

?Honey? she said, ?I don?t want to sound mean or hurt your feelings or anything, but I know you?ve been doing this Happier Healthier Me thing and I just thought?..well, are you losing any weight?…. you just don?t look like you are losing any weight?

What? ?? I thought???is she kidding me?……….didn?t she just see me brushing my teeth and flexing and all?

?Yeah I know,? I said, ?I was just thinking the same thing?..?

Then she said, ?Maybe you should talk to Savannah about what you are trying to do and maybe she can help.?

I thought to myself, Savannah??yes, Savannah??..that?s right?..I need to talk to Savannah!

Savannah is my youngest daughter. She lives with us. She likes to cook. Watches those food channels all the time. Tries all that stuff out on me?.

And she is a great cook too??everything tastes good?..and she always makes lots of it.

Yes, Savannah??she is my nemesis in my quest to get thinner?..she is my Doctor Doom, my Dr. Evil?.

My dad is 84 and is in great physical shape and he watches what he eats very carefully. My mother cooks for him and she keeps him on the straight and narrow. Everything she cooks for my dad, is good for him.

My wife and I have often talked about how important it is, you have got to both be supporting one another if you really want to pull this kind of thing off. I don?t have to worry so much about my wife, she likes to eat lite. But she?s right, if I am ever going to get anywhere with this, I have to get ?Shredder? not working against me in the kitchen.

So I went down to face the evil doer.

?Savannah,? I said, ?I need to talk to you?

?Ooookaaaay,? she said ?what about?? I sensed an attitude already, fear began to grip me.

?I am writing this blog you see. It?s called a ?Happier, Healthier Me? and I need your help.?

?Why,? she said ?Because I make you so much food??

Wow, I thought, this may be easier than I imagined?. Savannah?s kind of sensitive?.one wrong word and I could be eating her cod fish and hamburger casserole the rest of my life????then she said;

?Well you know, you don?t have to eat it?

Oh man that hurt, where have I heard that before???.the apple doesn?t fall too far from the French fries.

?All right, all right,? she said ?I will help with your blog thing. But remember portion control, that?s on you buddy.?

This past week I logged 14.5 miles running. The weather was a little more cooperative. And if you want more info on how important a significant other might be in helping meet your goals there is lots of info on the web, here?s one link.

And if you haven?t already, check out the blog by Sport and Spine Rehab of McLean?s chiropractor associate Dr. Hayford Anane:


That?s my testimony this week. Thanks to those who have sent me comments of support and thanks for being a friend of Sport and Spine Rehab!

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