A Happier, Healthier Me Week Five

A Happier, Healthier Me Week Five

I don?t know if any of you had the chance to read Personal Trainer and SSA Fitness Director Brian Wright?s blog last week about the ?Four Secrets? but I did and I related. The biggest secret was number four, ACCOUNTABILITY. If you folks don?t think that writing this blog is holding me accountable I?ve got news for you. Well at least accountable with my exercise, eating is a different story:

My wife told me over the weekend that I can?t be doing this Happier, Healthier Me thing and continue to eat the way I do.

?Honey, I am going to help you get happier and healthier?

?Really?? That?s great, what are you going to do?? I asked.

?We are going to start juicing,? she replied.

?What? Juicing? I exclaimed. ?Kim there is no way I am going to take drugs to look better!?

?No, no, honey we are not doing drugs silly?.juice?. I bought a juicer, we are going to make juice. ?

?Oh??.. of course, a juicer?

I thought wow, now that sounds like a pretty good idea. Instead of a big medium rare New York strip steak, a baked potato, salad, and some French bread I will have a cup of juice dinner. She looked serious however, and with an obviously expensive piece of equipment in her arms, since she doesn?t get sarcasm very well I just went with it.

?Well okay,? I said, ?Let?s Juice!?

So we did. And as It turns out, at least in my experience, the real benefit of using a juicer to lose weight is the fact that by the time you prepare all these fruits and veggies and put them in the juicer to get your glass of juice; then clean up the mess around the juicer; and then break down the juicer into four or five parts to clean it, you forget all about ever being hungry in the first place and you burn so many calories in the process the weight just falls off.

But that?s just my opinion, and since I know better, I know to keep my opinions to myself.

There are many health benefits of drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, and it?s a great way to add nutrients from the fruits or vegetables that you normally wouldn?t eat if you don?t typically like to eat veggies or fruit. But Dr. Martin Donnelly, chiropractor and Clinic Director at Sport and Spine Rehab of Fairfax warns:

?You have to be careful of glycemic index. For example, carrots are low glycemic index and good to eat, carrot juice has a very high glycemic index. By breaking down the fiber the sugars are absorbed much quicker and that will spike your blood sugar. This leads to higher (bad) cholesterol production. If you spike your blood sugar you get the crash feeling and more of the sugars will be put into fat cells.?

So when something sounds like a good idea but we aren?t sure, it might be best to check with your doctor.

I logged 14.5 miles this past week including my first 5 miler of the season in 24 degrees last Saturday (ACCOUNTABILITY). And, I am down to 164 pounds!

Don?t forget February is Heart Health Awareness Month so we will talk about that more next week.

By the way, you remember my daughter Savannah, well she is doing better. Here is a chicken breast on a bed of olive oil saut?ed spinach with some saut?ed onions she made for me. Good stuff!












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