A Happier, Healthier Me: Week 6

A Happier, Healthier Me: Week 6

There is a line in Bob Marley?s song Soul Shakedown Party that goes like this:

?Janie?s in the backyard, doin? the outside dance?

If you were in my neighborhood last Sunday you might have caught me out in the backyard ?doin? the outside dance.? Fifty eight or so degrees!

Dr. Barton Bishop, Sport and Spine Rehab?s Chief Clinical Officer and currently Clinic Director of Sport and Spine Rehab of Rockville, asked me recently why I ran outside in the winter.

?You mean instead of a tread mill?? I asked.

My dad used to run when I was a kid. He actually got me interested in running as a younger person. My dad is one of those guys who can do anything he wants to do. When people started snowboarding, he snowboarded; when sailboarding became popular, he sailboarded; when he decided he wanted to take up skiing, he just went skiing.

I didn?t get that gene however. Neither did my sister. My sister took up running once but had to stop. She was a danger to herself and anyone else near her on the sidewalk. She kept tripping and falling and running into sign posts. She was forced to retire from running and now just works in her garden.

I unfortunately got that gene too. Ask my wife how many times I have fallen off my bike at the beach. I went skiing once. My kids and my ski instructor made me sign an agreement after I finally got down from the mountain, in blood (which happened to be readily available), that I would never step on ski resort property again.

And that, believe it or not, is the answer to the treadmill question.

You see, I have this fear I am going to zone out just one time, flop down on the treadmill belt, get flipped off the back, get my shorts stuck in the rollers, and then I hate to even imagine what would be next; all this while my daughter is proudly jogging with her father on the next treadmill over, while all her guy friends are working out around us.

Savannah would be devastated for life. I would be eating cod fish and hamburger casserole for life.

So that is why I am quite content to endure the cold and the snow, or the heat and the humidity to just lumber along the bike trail with my iPod on, zoning out. If I fall, the worst that could happen is I end up in a bush with some strangers watching. No one gets hurt but me, and I still eat well.

And since it is Heart Health Awareness Month, whether it?s inside or outside, treadmill or trail or bicycle, or just kicking around the garden, get out and move around vigorously. Just be careful!

I will say this about my sister, like my Southern California brother, she got the gene that makes you look twenty years younger, so that ain?t all bad. And her gardens looks great too!

Hey I am sure you have heard about CVS discontinuing the sale of cigarettes. Nothing more toxic to your heart than cigarette smoking. It was reported they stand to lose two billion dollars and the stock dove after the news.

So if you like the CVS decision then ?LIKE? this blog. Then run down to your nearest CVS and buy a gallon of milk or something??.let?s help them make up that $2 billion!

Oh and I managed to do 17 miles this week including a 6.5 miler last Saturday. And Sunday I got into some shorts!








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