5 Questions to Determine if You Need Chiropractic Care

5 Questions to Determine if You Need Chiropractic Care


  1. Do you often experience back or neck pain?
  2. Do you suffer from frequent headaches?
  3. Does your work require you to sit at a desk for long hours?
  4. Are you an athlete or do you adhere to a regular workout schedule?
  5. Have you recently been in a car or workplace accident?

If you answered ?YES? to any of these questions, you could benefit greatly from chiropractic care.? Call the clinic nearest to your home or work to speak with a doctor.

If you answered ?YES? to experiencing back and neck pain you are not alone.? A recent study from Gallup Healthways found that 31% of U.S. adults suffer from a neck or back condition that causes them pain.? You can use this diagram to pin point your source of pain and learn about common causes.

If you answered ?YES? to suffering from frequent headaches you are probably like many of our patients who tried many avenues of relief including prescription drugs.? Many of our patients found that they could be pain-free and prescription drug-free through our integrated approach using spinal manipulation.

If you answered ?YES? that you sit at a desk for long hours you may want to read more about how prolonged sitting impacts your health and some tips on what you can do about it.? Our modern lifestyle can lead to a variety of conditions.? Visiting us for a posture screen and mechanical movement assessment can help us determine your overall health.

If you answered ?YES? that you are an athlete or you work out regularly then it is even more critical that injuries are assessed early.? The sooner you get treatment for an injury, the quicker your recovery and return to play.? Those who let pain go unchecked will be on the sideline much longer during recovery.? We have helped so many athletes return to play in the past 22 years.? Read about some of our work and success.

If you answered ?YES? that you have recently been in a car or workplace accident it is critical to see multiple healthcare providers.? If you visited the emergency room or urgent care directly after the accident, they may have ruled out broken bones or serious injuries.? However, there are many muscular problems that can result from a car accident, like whiplash that can lead to chronic pain if not treated promptly.

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